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Allie is a lovely person and my kids really enjoy their relationship with her. She's comfortable and easy going around any age and has supported our family for a few years now. I was comfortable leaving my baby with her, knowing she was comfortable with him! And now they are older and still enjoy time with her.
Client since 2013, 1 and 4 years old
Allie is fabulous! She started caring for our son a few hours a week when he was 4 months old and she instantly put us at ease. She was great about following routines, offering helpful suggestions, and keeping us updated with texts and photos. She would take our son to the park, sing songs, and manage naps/meals. As our son got older, Allie was able to adapt her style of play to keep him entertained. She has been a long-time carer for our son and he is always excited when Allie is "coming over to play". I've recommended Allie to friends, and I have no problem providing a testimonial. Thanks Allie!
Client 2014-2019 (relocated), 4 month old
Allie has been a fabulous person in our lives. Her compassion, understanding and intuition with my son is unmatched and I am so excited to see her being able to share her amazing skills and support with new families. Also, she is magic at helping babies sleep! Magic!!!
Karley Ernst
Client since 2015, 5 month old
From the very first day Allie was incredible. We were nervous to have our first sitter, but she was so kind, calm and in control - which totally put us at ease. Our child was just over a year old when she first arrived, and was naturally shy and had never been left with a sitter before, but she knew how to comfort him when we left and kept us posted on how he was doing. It didn't take long for him to look forward to her visits. She has been our ONLY sitter for the last 3 years. Sam (our child) adores her. She is responsible, always on time, very communicative throughout the evening and leaves everything in order. She had no problem working with our routines, and getting him to bed has always been seamless - she's amazing. More so, she is great with children. She immediately connected with our child, she's friendly and fun and will talk to the child and play with them. Sam loves having her around and she's always up for a game and chat with him. We love having her as part of Sam's life. We highly recommend her.
Dahlia I
Client since 2016, 16 month old
We found Allie at a crazy time in our lives. I was trying to fit work back into my life after having been at home exclusively for 3 years. I was so worried about how my son, who is Highly Sensitive and prone to anxiety, would take to her. Not only did my kids fall in love with her, but she went above and beyond. She made him a sensory "calm down" box which my son loved, and she bought him books that helped explain his feelings. She put me at ease and I was so impressed that half the moms in my neighbourhood now use her services!
Client since 2017, 2 and 3 years old
Allie has been an incredible support for our family since 2017. As an anxious and exhausted first-time mom, Allie was the first person we had ever left our baby with. Her expertise in child care and engagement was immediately apparent. With Allie's support with care, we navigated sleep challenges, separation anxiety (for both baby, and me!), and later addressed challenging toddler behaviours like biting and hitting. Fast forward to 2020, Allie was present for the birth of our second child and continues to support us through our latest transitions. Allie's support is always rooted in building strong emotional attachment, which is really important to us. In short, our children absolutely adore Allie and our family life is infinitely better thanks to her services. 
Kyla Makela
Client since 2017, 9 month old / newborn (2020)
I felt super confident leaving my son with Allie. He was interested in playing with her right away, and hardly noticed us leaving for dinner. Allie is my number one choice when it comes to childcare!
Jo Gale
Client since 2019, 2 year old
We love Allie!! She’s absolutely amazing with our 9 month old and our 7 year old. Allie’s always trying new and different activities with our baby, food/snack ideas, gives him lots love and is very professional at all times. Allie always has new activities and ideas for our older son as well. We are so happy to know that when we are not able to be with our children, that they are completely taken care of, and we don’t have to worry at all!
Rachel K
Client since 2019, 6 month old & 6 year old