Qualifications & Education

*only relevant courses listed*

PSYCH 2AA3 – Child Development 
PSYCH 2AP3 – Abnormal Psychology
PSYCH 2B03 – Personality 
PSYCH 2GG3 – Learning, Measuring & Shaping Behaviour 
PSYCH 2H03 – Human Learning and Cognition 
PSYCH 2NF3 – Basic and Clinical Neuroscience 
PSYCH 3B03 – Special Populations 
PSYCH 3BA3 – Positive Psychology 
PSYCH 3C03 – Child Language Acquisition 
PSYCH 3JJ3 – Socio-emotional Development 

ARTHIST 2AA3 – Intro to Practice of Art Therapy
LINGUIST 2SL3 – Intro: American Sign Language 
MUSIC 2MT3 – Intro Music Therapy Practice 

HUMBEHV 4HB3 – Seminar: Cultural Psychology 
HUMBEHV 4HC3 – Seminar: Development During Infancy 

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Course information

IMH 101 – Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health 
IMH 103 – Dynamics of the Family
IMH 105 – Integrating Attachment & Brain Development
IMH 108 – Fundamentals of Communications & Counselling 

IMH 201 – Understanding & Responding to Challenging Behaviour
IMH 203 – Health Promotion & Education 
IMH 204 – Advanced Practice in Infant and Early Child Mental Health 
IMH 205 – Screening and Assessment: Infants, Young Children & Families
IMH 206 – Promoting Resilience in Infants and Young Children 

Field Placement through EarlyON Centres and Young Parent Programs.
Additional training included: Foundations in Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health – Certificate Lecture Series by IMHP, Sick Kids

Final GPA 4.0

Program information
Course information

Certification as a Perinatal Mental Health Professional (PMH-C) requires the above training as well as passing the certification exam which I have yet to complete. Please find my listing in the Postpartum Support International Directory 

  • Babyled Sleep & Wellbeing Certification by Isla Grace [beginning December 2020]
  • Introduction to Play Therapy Fundamentals [December 2020], Institute of Child Psychology
  • Institute of Child Psychology Online Children’s Mental Health Conference [November 2020]
     – Building Emotional Regulation Skills in Children (3.25hr)
     – Childhood ADHD: From Struggling to Thriving  (3.25hr)
     – Understanding the Highly Sensitive Child (3.25hr)
     – Childhood Anxiety: Helping Children Heal (6.5hr)
  • Empowered Embodiment Training by GoodBodyFeel [May 2020 – February 2021] 
  • Emotion Coaching: The Heart of Parenting Course by The Gottman Institute [July 2020]
  • Safe Sleep in Car Seats Course by Safe in the Seat [June 2020]
  • Kindermusik Educator [2014, no longer active] 

Certified by the Canadian Red Cross 

Certification number: 101298917
Expiry Date: 2022-07-20

To validate, please enter my certificate number (above) and my last name [Witek] via The Canadian Red Cross 

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