Knowledge, Care, & Support Services for Every Family

Allie Witek

B.A.Sc., Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist, Perinatal Mental Health Professional (PMH-C Candidate)

How can I support your family?

Built through a trusting and supportive relationship, 
I help families find hope and freedom while focusing on 
the development and well-being of their children.


Services providing you with freedom as a parent or caregiver, without the judgement, worry, or guilt.


Services supporting your role as a parent or caregiver. Using my research and experience, we'll collaborate to find what works best for your unique family.


Research-based information, advice, and recommendations customized for your infant, child, and/or family. Goodbye Google & unsolicited advice!

Let's Chat

Whether you know exactly what services your family needs, or you’re simply exploring support options, having a conversation is always the best place to start!

All introductory consults are free, and can happen with or without your child(ren) or other caregivers present. 

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all consults are happening over phone or Zoom call.